Law Review Annotation 21-30

  • 2022-11-03
  • 陳一帆
序號 主題
21 The Development of French Bioethics Law: Examples of Embryo Research and the Patentability of Stem Cells Inventions
22 Tort Liability for Defects of Buildings: Damages on Commodity Injury
23 A Review on the Incidental Civil Procedure
24 The Ethics Review Mechanism under the Human Subjects Research Act: Constitutional Problems and Suggestions to Reform
25 The Boundary of the Anatomy of Articles of Incorporation: Cases of Anti-Takeover Provisions
26 A Study on the Development of the Taiwan’s Electronic Shareholder Voting System from the American Electronic Shareholder Voting System
27 A Study & Review on the Development of Genetic Patents
28 A Study on the Concept and Nature of Patent License Agreement in Taiwan Patent Act
29 Unlawful Possession of Land and Unjust Enrichment Equivalent to Rent: Empirical Analysis and Policy Suggestions
30 Misquoted Prices in On-line Retailing Websites: An Economic Analysis