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    In response to the international trend of lifelong learning, the demand for continued learning of legal professionals as well as the interdisciplinary collaboration between law and other professions, the College of Law established the Master of Laws Program for Executives in 2003.
    Currently the program includes over 300 students—approximately 30% with law undergraduate majors and 70% from other disciplines. The careers of the students include judges, lawyers, doctors, accountants, engineers, government officials, managers in the private sectors and the third sector. By attending the Education Program for Executives, students who graduate from the Department of Law are able to receive an up-to-date legal training while students from other disciplines can be trained to become multi-disciplinary legal professionals, thus fulfilling the ultimate goals of the Institute of Law and Interdisciplinary Studies.
    The minimum number of credits required for graduation is 54 credits. Courses provided include:
1. Core Courses: Introduction to the Study of Law, General Principles of Civil Law, General Principles of Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Civil Law: General Provisions of Obligations, Law of Civil Procedure, Corporate Law, Civil Law: Kinds of Obligations, Criminal Law: Kinds of Offenses, Administrative Law, Law of Criminal Procedure, Introduction to Labor and Social Welfare Law, Civil Law: Property, et al.
2. Advanced Courses, Language Courses and Seminar Courses.