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Prospective Visiting Scholars

National Chengchi University College of Law
Visiting Scholar/Researcher Program

  1. Current full-time faculty members/researchers at their home universities/home academic research institutions.
  2. Current postdoctoral researchers to participate in research at their home universities/institutions.
  3. Current registered PH.D. students at their home universities.

Application must be submitted 3 months in advance. Required documents for application:
  1. Visiting Scholar Application 訪問學人申請表.docx
  2. Proof of eligibility (Certificate of Degree and Employment Certificate)
  3. Research plan (including arrival/departure date and length of stay)
  4. Applicant should seek out a host faculty member who shares the same research interest at the host institution upon application.

Application Procedure:
  1. Application forms, together with the required information and documents, should be submitted to the email address below in PDF format:
  1. NCCU College of Law will review your submitted application and related documents.
  2. Admitted visiting fellows will receive an invitation letter from NCCU College of Law.

The Visiting Program Administration Fees for Visiting Scholar and Visiting Researcher are as follows: (The fees are based on your length of stay and not including visa fees and accommodation. The fee is charged in U.S. dollars(USD).
1-30 days: $400 USD
31-60 days: $800 USD
61-90 days: $1,200 USD
91-120 days: $ 1,600 USD
121-150 days: $ 2,000 USD
151-180 days: $2,400 USD

The appointed period for Visiting fellows should be basically less than 6 months according to each application. NCCU College of Law may review but not guarantee the request of extension for the appointed period. A virtual exchange program is not permitted.

You are required to pay the visiting program administration fee within 2 months prior to your arrival date. The fees shall not be refunded under any circumstances whatsoever once they have been paid.

Visiting scholars/researchers are eligible to apply for NCCU-iHouse.

The following privileges are available to visiting scholars/researchers:
  1. Invitation letter
  2. NCCU campus wifi
  3. NCCU library card
  4. Housing information
  5. Certificate

Contact Information
Ms. Yvonne Chen
Tel: +86-2-2939-3091, ext:51418