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College History

    During the period between 1946 and 1993 the College of Law was comprised of over ten department including Political Science, Diplomacy, Economics, Sociology, Public Finance and Taxation, Law. Upon the approval of the Ministry of Education, the Department of Law became separated from the other disciplines of the social sciences and became its own college in 1993, making it the first independent law school among all national universities in Taiwan. The Master of Laws Program for Executives was established in 2003, providing professionals with opportunities for advanced study. To meet the demands of an increasingly diverse and complex legal environment and to train professionals with broad interdisciplinary skills, the Institute of Law and Interdisciplinary Studies was established in 2005. Since 1995 the College of Law has created eight specialized research centers which include the Center for Public Law, the Center for Civil Law, the Center for Criminal Law, the Center for Economicand Financial Law, the Center for Labor and Social Law, the Center for Fundamental Jurisprudence, the Centerf or China Law Studies, and the Center for Law and Interdisciplinary Studies, all of which reflect the trend of multicentered developments. The College of Law now consists of one department, one institute, one professional master's program, and eight research centers. While the Department of Law was comprised of about 200 faculty members and students in the 1960s, it has grown to approximately 1,000 members during the early 1990s. Today there are over 1,500 faculty members and students in the College of Law and is the largest and most influential law school in Taiwan.
.Graduate School:243
.Graduate School (Graduate Institute of Law and Inter-Discipline):79
.Master of Laws Program for Executives:266