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    The Graduate Institute of Law and Interdisciplinary Studies is one of the distinctive features of the NCCU College of Law. Given the close connections between law studies and other disciplines, in 1999 the College of Law set up Division B of its Master of Laws Program for graduate students of majors other than law. This marked the first such program among all the national universities in Taiwan. In 2004, Division B of the Master of Laws Program was reinstituted as the Graduate Institute of Law and Interdisciplinary Studies. The institute is devoted to the cultivation of multi-disciplinary professionals through the integration of legal training and students' original professions. The interdisciplinary courses are divided into humanities and social sciences, business management, and technology.
    The institute recruits 25 students every year and the entrance channels include admission via entrance exam as well as joint admission for overseas Chinese, foreign students, and Mainland China students (overseas Chinese students, foreign students, and Mainland China students are recruited additionally).
The institute accepts foreign students. Applicants must possess undergraduate degree and
acquire a certificate of the Chinese Proficiency Test (TOP/ previously known as CPT) of advanced-mid level at level 4 or the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) intermediate level 6 or other equivalent Chinese proficiency certificate when applying.