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The curriculum is divided into core courses, related mandatory programs, and elective program:

Core Courses: Core courses refer to fundamental legal courses including fundamental jurisprudence, civil law, criminal law, public law, economic and financial law, labor and social law, and introduction to Anglo-American law.

Relative Mandatory Programs: The Jurisprudence Program aims to cultivate future legal scholars and judicial professionals. The Economic and Financial Law Program sets to cultivate financial law professionals. The Legal System Program strives to cultivate                  administrative and legislative professionals. Sophomore students are required to select one of the three programs.

Elective Programs: In order to cultivate future law professionals, the College offers nine elective programs for students which include fundamental jurisprudence, civil procedural law, property law, criminal law, public law studies, corporate governance law, and labor and  social law. Students are free to select courses based on their own interests.

2019 undergraduate freshmen enrollments rates: 162students including 82 personal applicants, 24 admittances through the Star Plan, 52 admittances through Joint College Entrance Exams, one Hong Kong/Macao student, one admittance through elite student athletes  screening, and two disabled students.