112.12.06 Building Bridges of Insight: Connection Luncheon with Professor Goodwin from Indiana University  – Bloomington Maurer School of Law

  • 2023-12-13
  • 陳一帆
Building Bridges of Insight: Connection Luncheon with Professor Goodwin from Indiana University  – Bloomington Maurer School of Law

Law School recently hosted an engaging lunch discussion on December 6th, featuring Professor Gabrielle Goodwin from the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University – Bloomington. Professor Bruce Yuan-Hao Liao introduced the event, drawing prominent faculty like Professor Richard Li-dar Wang, Professor Te-Fang Chu, and Professor Ting-Hsien Cheng from the Institute of Industrial Economics at the National Central University. Over 20 students actively participated, creating a dynamic atmosphere. 

Professor Goodwin, a senior lecturer and law research institute director, provided an insightful overview of Indiana University's rich history. Established in 1820 as the region's first public school, the law school holds a pioneering status. Nestled in the Midwest, the campus is renowned for its picturesque environment and stringent safety measures. Shifting to the Maurer School of Law, Professor Goodwin highlighted its strengths, emphasizing diversity and appealing to international students. The school robustly supports its diverse student body with academic programs offering options like LLM, SJD, Ph.D., and individually tailored admission plans. Students benefit from abundant resources—research centers, law clinics, law journals, legal writing centers, and extensive library facilities. 

The event concluded with Professor Goodwin encouraging students to plan their study abroad. An engaging Q&A session followed, during which students actively posed various questions and received personalized responses and valuable insights directly from Professor Goodwin. The session ended on a high note with Professor Ting-Hsien Cheng sharing key points on writing admission application materials. 

Professor Chu emphasized that the admissions review process in the United States places significant importance on social involvement. Therefore, she encouraged students to actively participate in community service programs and pro bono services, providing a perfect ending to the enlightening gathering. The exchange of ideas and information during the session significantly contributed to fostering a vibrant academic environment at the Law School. 
Highlighting the strong partnership between NCCU and Indiana University, it was emphasized that this collaboration will continue to be strengthened. The alliance between these esteemed institutions enhances opportunities for academic cooperation.
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