Law School's "Free Skills Space" opens, creating new opportunities for teachers and students to exchange knowledge

  • 2022-11-03
  • 陳一帆
Law School's "Free Skills Space" opens, creating new opportunities for teachers and students to exchange knowledge

A few days ago, the Law School held the opening ceremony of the "Free Skills Space" on the 15th floor of the North Building of the General Building, with nearly 20 colleagues participating. The planning of the free art space is due to the fact that the principal is wet and cold in the year, and the lighting of the hospital is also dominated by white light, which lacks a comfortable and warm atmosphere. The vice dean Xiao-Tan Wang proposed the concept and implemented the design to make the unused sofa in the elevator lobby on the 15th floor to be scrapped. "Free Skill Space" allows teachers and students to have a warm space like "home", where academic and technical exchanges are created.

In addition to the comfortable sofa area, the free art space has also built the bookshelves on both sides of the wall into a "treasure of knowledge". Many teachers of the law school have carefully selected high-quality books across fields, including history and humanities, critical thinking, environmental ecology, and society. There are 15 major themes, including various forms, digital trends, international universe, marine culture, information media, drama and novels, travel and life, science and technology finance, science and technology ethics, gender diversity, man and law, and psychological human nature, so that students can enjoy a comfortable and warm space. Learning interdisciplinary knowledge, exchanging ideas with each other, and expanding the horizons of study can also condense the centripetal force of the law school.

At the same time, taking this opportunity, with the support of Philosopher Zhan Cong, the interior walls of the hospital have been repainted, the overall texture of the space has been improved, and the space atmosphere has become more comfortable; Senior Wan Youyun donated a coffee machine, so that teachers and students can enjoy the fragrance of books Coffee; in addition, with the help of Zheng Honghui, Zheng Qiyao, and Fan Jun, Chairman of Jiesheng Intermodal Co., Ltd., the lockers have also been completely updated, and their aesthetics and functions have been improved to a higher level.

Regarding the setting of the free art space, Vice President Wen-Jie Wang, who has made great contributions, said that the idea of ​​the entire space came from Prof. Wang, and he was only playing the role of fundraising, and many ideas needed funds to accumulate, so I am very grateful for the Several seniors who strongly supported the planning process enabled the Law School to use this opportunity to create a more comfortable space atmosphere.

Prof. Xiao-Tan Wang, the behind-the-scenes promoter and vice dean of the Free Skills Space, especially thanked Dean Cheng-Hsien Hsu and Vice President Wen-Jie Wang for their support, as well as the donations from behind-the-scenes donors and the unremitting assistance of administrative colleagues, so that the space transformation of the Law School can make new progress. When sharing the various ingenuity of the free art space, Vice President Wang also mentioned the aesthetic feeling and innovative ideas of assistant Huang Yi in space planning and arrangement, and said with a smile, "Besides his major in law and sociology, he has also opened up another new field. The field of study of "interior space design" seems to have returned to a young age."

In his speech, Dean Cheng-Hsien Hsu thanked Vice President Wang, Vice President Wang, Secretary Yi-Qi Wang, Assistant Yi Huang for their contributions, and many teachers for their assistance in providing and recommending themed books, and also shared the changes he had seen: I met two classmates in the art space, and I was curious to ask if they were students in the master's class. The result was that they were freshmen in the first year of the university, and they were reading high-quality books in different fields recommended by various teachers on the bookshelf." Dean Hsu believes that, The goal of the free skills space is clearly being achieved step by step. From the freshman year, students can extensively dabble in cross-disciplinary knowledge other than law here. Regardless of whether they are engaged in law or other related work in the future, the cross-disciplinary knowledge gained in school It will definitely be helpful in future work. Dean Hsu also hopes that in the future, the Free Skills Space can create more interactive exchanges, and can also hold salon lectures from time to time to share and exchange various issues with each other, and further consolidate the centripetal force of the Law School.