Chair Professor Su Yongqin shares his thoughts and ideas, the first salon lecture of "Free Craft Space" stimulates academic sparks

  • 2022-11-03
  • 陳一帆
Chair Professor Su Yongqin shares his thoughts and ideas, the first salon lecture of "Free Craft Space" stimulates academic sparks

In order to create an academic atmosphere for free discussion, the Law School will hold the first professor's salon lecture at the "Free Skills Space" on the 15th floor of the North Building of the Comprehensive Academy at noon on March 28, and will invite the former Vice President of the Judicial Yuan, Chair Professor Su Yongqin to give a lecture, a total of nearly 20 teachers participated in the rare event. The same day happened to be the 71st birthday of Chair Professor Su. Dean Cheng-Hsien Hsu specially prepared a birthday cake to celebrate with his teachers and colleagues, and kicked off the first college entertainment salon in a relaxed atmosphere.

With the topic "Is the law a necessary evil or a necessary good?", Prof. Su talked about the influence of the Anglo-American law system and the civil law system on Taiwan based on his in-depth reflection on the judicial system for decades and his personal experience in actually participating in judicial reform. The impact of the judicial system and the link between the close interaction between law and society. At the same time, based on the legal cultural background of traditional and modern society, he runs through the development of Anglo-American and continental law systems. From the image and thinking method of law, he talks about the difference between statutory law and case law. The depth of the legal systems of Germany, the United States, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, as well as the intricate entanglements in them, the easy-to-understand or easy-to-understand theories, or the concise and comprehensive cases, make people enjoy a rich knowledge feast.

During the exchange session in the salon, in addition to his deep agreement with Professor Su's analysis, Distinguished Professor Xiao-Tan Wang also shared her views on the operation of plural laws in society from the perspective of sociology of law. Diverse legal traditions exist. In the pluralistic political power of a country, there may be a tendency to be both competitive and integrated, thus leading to substantial changes in the legal system. In addition, Distinguished Professor Richard Li-Dar Wang also mentioned from the perspective of dispute resolution that "the ideal of law should allow disputes to be resolved through the law in the society, and not to enter the door of the court." Taking the US litigation system as an example, he discussed litigation in Anglo-American law. From the aspects of economy, jury system, legal interpretation, etc., share what you think about.

In the end, Dean Hsu not only thanked Prof. Su for showing his demeanor as a master and freely talking about his thoughts and ideas, but also thanked his colleagues for their active participation, and hoped that such salon activities would become the norm for exchanges within the law school in the future.