Law Review Annotation Part 2

  • 2021-11-04
  • 楊嘉茵
Attached are Annotation Paradigms for Law Review, if you are interested and would like to know more details, please contact Yvonne Chen (

1. University Autonomy and State Supervision
2. The Right to Consult of Indigenous Peoples and Its Implementation
3. Controversies Over the Existence of Private Prosecution
4. An Empirical Legal Research on Auditor's Civil Liability to the Third Party for Financial Statement Fraud in Taiwan
5. Sexual Harassment of Employees After Work Hours and the Applicable Articles of the Act of Gender Equality in Employment
6. The Criminal Offense of Possessing Narcotics and the Possession
7. Preliminary Overview of the Judicialization of the Constitutional Review
8. Regulating Related Party Transactions: From the Perspective of the Director's Fiduciary Duties
9. A Study on International Regulations Concerning the Military Activities at Sea
10. Legal Study on Extraterritorial Effect of European Union's Data Protection Regulations
11. Study on the Judgment Thought of Chinese Underword in "Yuewei Thatched Cottage Notes"
12. Preliminary Study on Constitutional Rules About Parliamentary Obstructions and the Protection of Minority Parties
13. Concepts, Scope Definition and Function of Legisprudence