On January 15th, Professor Huang Chengguan's retirement ceremony, teachers and students of the Law School gathered to congratulate

  • 2022-11-03
  • 陳一帆
On January 15th, Professor Huang Chengguan's retirement ceremony, teachers and students of the Law School gathered to congratulate

Professor Huang Chengguan has been working at the Law School since August 1988 and will retire at the end of January 2022, with a service period of more than 33 years. In order to appreciate Professor Huang's great contribution, our school held a retirement ceremony on January 15th in the Lecture Hall for Rule of Law. A total of more than 60 guests attended, and Teacher Huang also said goodbye to the 7-year plus and master classes through the honor and retirement ceremony. Time, a total of more than 40 years of political power.

At the beginning of Dean Cheng-Hsien Hsu accounts of Prof. Huang’s outstanding achievements in teaching, research and service, the scene included Her Laijie, Wang Qianwei, Wang Wenjie, Wu Jinyu, Shen Zonglun, Zhang Tongrui, Lin Jiahe, Chen Zhihui, Wu Qinwen, Liu Dingji, and Wu Zihui from the school’s labor force. Teachers, Sun Yiyi and Xu Wanning of National Taiwan University, Chen Yanliang and Hou Yuehong of Taipei University, Lin Xuanqiu and Hong Yingrong of Chung Hsing University, Qiu Yufan of Yangming Jiaotong University, Liao Chonghong of Donghai University and many other scholars, Director Wang Houwei of the Ministry of Labor, Huang Qiya The deputy director and dozens of students who have been nurturing talents for many years by Prof. Huang witnessed the review of the wonderful and dazzling teaching and research career of Prof. Huang.

After President Hsu presented flowers on behalf of the hospital and presented the commemorative trophy, the ceremony reached its first climax when Director Lin Liangrong of the Labor and Social Law Center presented the calligrapher's calligraphy with the calligrapher's calligrapher's calligraphy "Work is the heart of labor, and merit is in Taixue". Director Lin Liang Rong explained the profound meaning of these eight characters and accurately described the academic and social care of Professor Huang Chengguan, professional dedication and enthusiasm for education and academia in the minds of the people; the director of the Ministry of Labor Wang, and the representative of the students, Mr. Zhang Yide, offered their sincerest wishes and gifts one after another, and the atmosphere was warm and moving. Prof. Huang Chengguan has always been modest. In his emotional speech, he thanked the guests many times. Although he was full of emotion, he was still full of pride. Everyone listened to the familiar witty laughter and seemed to be back to Prof. Huang's class, but more detachment and a little sentimental.

Principal Guo Mingzheng, who is a classmate of the university department and research institute with Prof. Huang, who went to Germany for further study and then returned to his alma mater to teach in succession, brought the second climax to the honor and retirement ceremony: the principal humorously talked about the old days and how to be together Under the guidance of Professor Huang Yueqin, he completed his master's thesis; in Germany, which is separated from the University of Göttingen and the University of Munich, how did the two of them forge each other and work hard, but they did not forget to care about each other and "communicate with each other" - the president recalls Prof. Huang "I came from Göttingen to Munich to teach you some computer skills", the sentimental sentiment is touching.

The honor and retirement ceremony is gradually approaching the end in the memory of Professor Liu Shihao of Ming Chuan University and two Ph.D.s under the guidance of Prof. Huang—Prof. Chen Jianwen of Taipei University of Technology and Prof. Zhang Yide of Soochow University. Prof. Huang's book: "Labor and Labor Law", and dedicated to his teacher and Taiwan society on the same day. Among Prof. Huang’s innumerable academic works, this book selects and collects 21 papers on the basic theory of labor law, labor contract law, and collective labor law. Although it is one or two of the teacher’s huge works, it has a profound impact on Taiwan’s labor law. A masterpiece of theory and practice.

Adios amigo! Treasure goodbye! Teacher Huang, who is also a teacher and a friend! Thank you for your dedication to our hospital for decades! All my colleagues in the school wish the teacher good health! Happy retirement!