2022 Law School Graduation Ceremony, Graduation Blessings during the Epidemic

  • 2022-11-14
  • 陳一帆
2022 Law School Graduation Ceremony, Graduation Blessings during the Epidemic

The 2022 Law School Graduation Ceremony was held on June 11th and June 18th in the lecture hall on the third floor of the General Building. Considering the epidemic situation and process arrangements, the ceremony was held in two days and three sessions. There were 33 graduates on June 11th, and 99 graduates and more than 100 parents on June 18th. Many teachers, graduates and students participated in the grand event. During the commencement, the professor turned the tassels for graduates. The meaning of turning of the tassel represents the maturity of rice or wheat, which symbolizes that the graduates have achieved what they have learned. The turning of the tassel ceremony conveys the teacher's affirmation of the graduates' efforts in the past and the blessing of entering the next stage.

In his speech at the ceremony, Dean Cheng-Hsien Hsu mentioned that the graduation ceremony that was originally expected to be held was cancelled due to the epidemic. After careful evaluation and discussion with faculty, he did his best to reserve the turning of the tassel part in the ceremony, and thanked the administrative team for their support and cooperation with the law faculty. Active participation enabled this hard-won ceremony to be held smoothly, which is also the biggest gift given by the Law School to this year's graduates. At the same time, Dean Hsu also shared with the British writer Virginia Woolf's article: In God's eyes, there is no greater reward for those who love reading than people who love reading for a lifetime. He encourages graduates to find a lifelong interest as soon as possible; and when interviewed by Fengmao Li, honorary chair professor of the Institute of Religious Studies of our school The mention of "balance is the happiest thing in life" echoes the description of Professor Christenson of Harvard Business School. The smoothness of a circus clown tossing and catching a ball is used as a metaphor for the importance of a balanced life value, and the "balanced life talent" is a happy life," encouraged the graduates.

At this ceremony, a TV wall was placed outside the venue to broadcast the blessings given by teachers to graduates through videos:

Prof. Cheng-Hsien Hsu wished the graduates to combine their talents, abilities and interests in the workplace, find a happy job, and live a happy life;

Prof. Hsiao-Tan Wang expects students to remember three important things: "critical thinking", "understanding of differences" and "tolerance and flexibility", to cultivate the ability of critical thinking, to see the context and differences behind each person or social group, and then to be able to calmly Treat each other and find a way to be flexible in the dialogue;

Prof. Chung-Lun Shen reminded the students that practicing the values ​​that he adheres to requires a soft appearance outside of perseverance and a harmonious attitude and consideration of the other party's response in order to deal with it smoothly;

Prof. Yu-Zu Tai hopes that this class of graduates can turn the crisis into help and make good use of what they have learned in the Law Department of National Chengchi University to achieve their goals in life. In addition, he especially praised the graduates of the Master of Law, who passed through the heavy burdens of work and family and graduated smoothly;

Prof. Chien-Wei Wang hopes that graduates will find jobs that match their aptitude and interests after graduation.

Prof. Chin-Wen Wu believes that every student can successfully pass the difficult level of life and move towards a better future, and wishes the graduates health and happiness, and a smooth and successful life journey in the future.

The host of the ceremony was held by four law students. Among them, Ting-Ying Lin was one of the graduate representatives of the 2020 graduation ceremony, while Wen-Ding Wu and Yu-Qing Liu were the current graduates. During the epidemic, Yu-Qing Liu, a graduate, said: "Things that are lost and found are the most beautiful things. I am really grateful to have the turning of the tassel ceremony this year! I am very grateful to be able to serve as the master of ceremonies for my own turning of the tassel ceremony. It’s even more meaningful and fortunate.” Wen-Ying Wu also believes that this year’s twists and turns finally look forward to the holding of the turning of the tassel ceremony, which is really precious, and hopes that students who are about to face exams or enter the workplace can also participate in the all kinds of predicaments, I walked out of my own way, and finally wished everyone a happy graduation.

In addition, the Law School has set up a photo backboard in the practice court on the 13th floor of the North Wing Building of the General Building, which is open until the end of July, providing all graduates to return to the hospital to take photos and leave rare graduation memories.