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The first salon since the Center launched in this June was held on August 11 evening jointly  organized by NCCU FINEC and Lee and Li Foundation.  The salon topic is ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC)for the Economic and Social Development’.  We had hundreds of guests on-site and on-line from government units, academia, law firms, banks, and companies.  The panel focused on Retail CBDC that is most relevant to the public.  Starting with sharing the progress of CBDC in Taiwan and other countries, the chair professor and the four guest professors discussed the impact of CBDC and other digital currencies from the well-rounded aspects of finance, economy, social fairness, citizen right, law and technology.  They also had an in-depth conversation about the fundamental preparations need to be ready, and the issues should be considered before issuing.

During the Q&A session, we had guests asking questions and sharing their views.  An on-line guest in Germany talked about her own experiences living abroad which is very vivid and interesting.  The chair professor mastered the rhythm smoothly.  The atmosphere of the salon was relaxed and substantive.  The laughter on the scene is left for the guests to ponder after the meeting.

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